The integration of genome/molecular sciences and advanced engineering sciences is moving the world towards a new generation of life science where physiological and pathological information from the living human body can be quantitatively described in silico across multiple scales of time and size and through diverse hierarchies of organization - from molecules to cells and organs to individuals. The Physiome Project and Systems Biology represent such emerging sciences. The development of the physiome project and systems biology will change conventional medicine, which has been based upon experience and expectation, into "predictive medicine" that will have the capacity to develop solutions based upon prior understanding of the dynamic mechanisms and the quantitative logic of human physiology. Drug discovery, medical and welfare apparatus, and trials in silico will improve the development of products with higher efficiency, reliability and safety while reducing cost. They will also impact upon knowledge-intensive industries. This program aims at playing a key role in this new area, by sharing and generating solutions as well as human resources contributing to establishment of "in silico medicine" as a basis of the predictive medicine within an international framework.