To date, Osaka University's MEI Center has been trying to develop human resources to lead the new integrated field of "clinical medicine, engineering, and informatics", which is indispensable in producing an advanced welfare society. In addition to such specialists, this project aims to develop researchers and engineers, who are capable of understanding life from an integral point of view, for example:
  • A person who is capable of integrating the qualities of "wet" and "dry" research in life science
  • A person who can cross the boundary of reductionism and is capable of viewing complicate
    systems integrally and quantitatively
  • A person who has a field of vision, along with ethics, that is necessary for decision-making
    involving life in the context of human community
  • A person who is adept in using strategic communication skills in the international community
International partners/associate institutes
England: Oxford University, Department
of Physiology
New Zealand: The University of Auckland,
Bioengineering Research Institute
Italy: The University of Genoa,
Bioengineering Research Institute etc
Collaboration with local educational institutes
Revitalization of the area through creation of high-tech industries in clinical medicine and engineering (Kansai University, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc.)
Education of returning adults
MEXT promotional budget for human resources development(adult education) 2005-2009
Advanced education unit for engineers in clinical medicine and informatics