Purpose of the Establishment and Guiding Principles

  1. The Center will foster collaboration between researchers specialized in medicine, engineering, and information science. Through these efforts, the Center will establish advanced medical engineering and informatics as a new integrated science. By promoting research projects, the Center will support the creation of an integrated applied science for the new era, and contribute to improving people's health and welfare and to developing new industries.
  2. The Center will cross-train researchers: those with backgrounds in engineering and informatics will specialize in medicine, and those with backgrounds in medicine will specialize in engineering and informatics.
  3. The Center will be an international center for research and education. Its faculty members will constitute jointly appointed researchers from various departments of Osaka University, and invited/visiting scholars from Japan and abroad. By maintaining an interdisciplinary and international atmosphere, the Center will work to establish a flexible system for research and education suitable for the integral nature of science conducted in the Center.

Research and Education in Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics

  1. Research and education in advanced medical engineering and informatics will:
    • Create revolutionary research fields in medical engineering and informatics, and lead to true solutions for current problems in clinical medicine.
    • Explore the fields of engineering and informatics that will lead to engineering and simulating the logic of life.
    • Develop engineering and informatics that are compatible with medical science.
    These research and education programs will explore the integrated science essential in the 21st century. In addition, these programs will promote the welfare of society through advanced medical technologies, and also develop new knowledge-based industries.

  2. We will support the development of researchers with high moral standards in two areas:
    • Engineering and informatics researchers specialized in issues associated with clinical medicine.
    • Medical researchers specialized in engineering and informatics.

  3. To support the development of specialists who can succeed in the international research community, we will:
    • Promote integrated research projects involving the participation of international researchers, and also construct practical educational systems that foster international viewpoints.

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