Greetings from Yoshiki Sawa, Director of the Center for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics

センター長 澤芳樹
( Yoshiki Sawa )
Director of the Center for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics

Medical level of Japan has extremely improved in 20th century, and Japan is now one of countries with advanced population aging. However, there are still diseases without effective therapeutic strategies, and characteristics of diseases have changed with altered lifestyle and extreme aging of population. We have to take care of social activity of patients with the improvement of prognosis or of quality of life of elder people with prolonged life span. These are only examples which have not been well recognized, and the development of clinical medicine and health care is still required in 21st century. However, traditional methodologies of medicine cannot completely address these social issues. To resolve these issues and improve social welfare, medicine needs to cooperate with engineering and informatics which have achieved extreme advance.
Japan is now one of the developed countries following the growth as industrial nation after World War II. The development has been provided by the application of research results in engineering and informatics to industry. However, most of medical devices are still imported from foreign countries. This is due to insufficient cooperation of medicine with engineering and informatics in Japan, and prompt construction of research system for medical engineering and informatics is requested by industrial as well as medical circles.
The Center for Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics, Osaka University, was organized in 2004 to aim at the establishment of the center for research and education of medical engineering and informatics in Japan. Dr. Yoshihisa Kurachi, an ex-Director of this center, has played a leading role in the growth of this center for 6 years, and the achievement of this center is highly appreciated by the visiting evaluation committee. I, Yoshiki Sawa, will contribute to the continuous development of this center and Osaka University, and advance cooperation of medicine with engineering and informatics with utilization of the past achievements of this center. For example, through the promotion of seeds-needs matching and translational research, I would like to strengthen industry-university cooperation as well as research activity, to improve medical levels, to create new industrial fields, and to contribute to the progression of welfare and industry. Human resource development is mandatory to attain these goals, and I will continuously make every effort in education.
This Center is the first organization to be established at Osaka University since becoming an independent corporation. I will do my best to promote domestic and international activity of research and education in the field of medical engineering and informatics. Your support and encouragement are always greatly appreciated.


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